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Amy is based in Kansas City and is available to mediate disputes nationwide.  Mediations typically occur via Zoom, at the office of one of the parties, their attorney’s office, or a mutually agreed neutral site.

Amy’s Mediation Rate:


*The hourly rate includes all time spent by the mediator, including preparation time, telephone time, and attendance at the mediation session.  Routine post-mediation "after care" is not charged. 

Video Conference Mediation

When in-person mediations are not an option, Amy offers virtual mediations through several video-conferencing platforms. 


Concerns about "break-out room" privacy breaches are avoided by using multiple Zoom accounts.  The parties and their legal team meet in separate Zoom meetings with different meeting numbers and passwords. 


Your privacy is important, and it will always be protected when Amy Coopman is your mediator.

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