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"Amy has a great understanding of labor and employment law, including complex FLSA issues.  The fact that she has experience representing both employers and employees makes Amy a very effective mediator.   She works very efficiently and obtains great results.

- Kansas City, MO Management Side Attorney -

"Amy has always demonstrated the highest level of integrity, dedication and professionalism.  Her personality, while warm and engaging, also conveys a strong sense of leadership and a natural ability to command respect.  

Amy served as a mediator in a very challenging and complex mediation involving a dispute that was bitterly contested.  As the mediation progressed, Amy used a number of creative and effective mediation strategies and was particularly impressive in her ability to collaborate with the parties to overcome the significant emotional and personal issues that stood in the way of a successful mediation.  At various times, given the intensity of the dispute, Amy was also required to forcefully encourage the parties to stay with the mediation process, rather than simply walking away.  The mediation was ultimately successful, and I know the parties were very appreciative of Amy's determination and efforts in working with them through a very challenging mediation.  Amy's mediation skills were put to the test in this mediation.  She did a wonderful job.

- Missouri Civil Practice Attorney -



"I had the pleasure of having Amy as a mediator in a case with some horrible sexual harassment allegations.  Amy’s understanding and compassion really helped my client feel comfortable and confident with the process. Amy was able to narrow down information from the other side that will help us going forward in the case. I will definitely use Amy as a mediator again.

- Plaintiff's Employment Attorney -


"Amy settled a case that I thought had zero chance of settling.  Thanks for your persistence, Amy!

- Management Employment Attorney -

"Thank you, Amy.  My client, the insurance company, and I were all very pleased with your efforts and guidance.  I will definitely be working with you again! 

- Management Side Attorney -
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